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Reignite Retreat Weekend
November 2 - 4

What is a Reignite Retreat?

The Reignite Retreat is not an ACTS Retreat. As we all know, life gets in the way of many things and we fail to continue that journey we started during our ACTS retreat weekend.


The goal of this weekend is to reignite the flame in our hearts that may have dimmed over time. God made us to live a passionate life and to serve him and his people with vitality. With vibrancy. With energy. With enthusiasm. He wants us to have this in our life.


There are no retreat activities such as Send Off, Candlelight or Return Reception for this retreat.


What is the retreat fee?

The cost for each retreatant is $125.00. This covers all meals and lodging. There are no deposits or partial payments. All payments must be paid in full at the time of registration or within seven (7) days of registration.


Where will the retreat take place?

The retreat will be at Lake Lavon Baptist Camp at 8050 CR 735. Check in begins at Lake Lavon Baptist Camp at 5:30pm on Friday, November 2 and ends after the 9:45am Mass on Sunday, November 4 at St. Francis of Assisi Church. The mass is not mandatory for retreatants but are encouraged to attend. Transportation to and from Lake Lavon will not be provided. This will be at retreatant's expense.

Google Map to Lake Lavon Camp & Conference Center

For questions about the Reignite Retreat Weekend

"The Light in Me"

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